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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

More rain, more rain, and still more rain. *sigh* I stepped in a puddle yesterday that was so deep, the water went over the top of my (knee-high) boot. When I pet the puppies, I get muddy to the elbows.

The pups are behaving better, most of the time. We have a problem with Kita intimidating Taffy, however. She disciplines both pups, but she's harder on Taffy, who is timid, and Nika has such an upbeat personality that she simply can't be intimidated. When Kita pins Taffy to the ground with her jaws around Taffy's neck, Taffy crouches low and cries. When Kita does the same to Nika, Nika just rolls over on her back, grinning and waving her paws.

The puppies are now as tall as Kita. Taffy's feet are about half again the size of Nika's. Nika's got a more dainty build, where Taffy is more massive (the vet's word). Chow time has gotten to be fun. I won't set the bowls down until they are sitting, as they are both so eager to eat that they both try to climb headfirst into whichever bowl is descending more rapidly. I make them SIT so I can lower the bowls simultaneously and without having to dodge eager jaws and paws. Now, every time I come out with the bowls, both of them promptly slap their butts to the floor and stare hopefully at me. It's hilarious. And they eat so fast, I've taken to calling them Shop and Vac.

I think I have bursitis in my left shoulder. I haven't been to the doctor, but the symptoms are right. It's painful, but not so bad, and easily controlled with a couple of Excedrin twice a day. Apparently people with gout are inclined to it, but my sister has suggested I take black cherry juice (in pill form, for me), which is supposed to do wonders for gout.

One of my best friends fell and broke her hip, and had to have a full hip replacement. She's doing well, however, which doesn't surprise me - she's tough and has a great attitude.

My roomie is doing better all the time; her progress is slow but steady, and she's taking on more of the work around here, a little at a time.

My animals are all healthy, although the horses don't like being in mud all day long (unlike the puppies, who don't care).

I bought a new bed, a twin to replace my double bed, so I have more room to move in my bedroom. But the bed is so tall that I have to use a step stool to get into it! Between that and my new chair, my back is doing much better, and I'm getting some real work done around here. Man, it's amazing what a person can accumulate if they don't move every few years. Every time I do any reorganizing, I end up throwing out about 5 or 6 garbage bags full of stuff.

OK, that's enough babble.