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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My roomie got quite a scare today. A man calling from the IRS told her that she owed $4500 in back taxes based on her returns from 2008-2011. Naturally, having seen no paperwork or received any notice, she was flabbergasted and protested, at which point he said that the local sheriff would be arresting her and would hold her for 48 hours.

She stalled them, and they said they'd call back. By this time, both of us were pretty sure it was a scam, but she wanted to look into it. We weren't able to get through to the IRS's tax advocate (shock, shock), so I suggested she call the sheriff. When she did, the woman laughed and told my roomie to forget about it. Yeah, it was a scam, and they'd already been receiving calls about it.

I normally wouldn't write about something like this, but I want to warn my friends about it!


Oh, that makes me so mad. This scam seems to come about every so often, and I have read warnings about it in our local newspaper. I'm glad it was so easily cleared up, but I hate to think of your roomie being upset by it. No one needs that BS.

I used to work for the IRS a loooong time ago (pre-motherhood), and take my word for it, they would not call you if something was wrong. They'd send you a letter. And they'd never threaten you with the local sheriff - they have their own department for collections, and they would have to have you come in for an audit before they could do anything. People have such an awful fear of the IRS, but most audits on individuals yield either a no-change or a refund, and even if you do owe money, they don't charge you a penalty unless they can really prove you were trying to cheat them. I do know you hear horror stories, and I do know that some IRS agents are a**holes, but the ones I knew were all very nice and reasonable people, especially where the customers were concerned. So, basically, if you have anything to fear, you'd probably be aware of it.

*steps off soapbox* Once again, I'm SO sorry that happened to poor Randi.
That's what my roomie figured, once she got calm again. I guessed all that about the IRS, but it's good to have it confirmed. Randi did have a tax issue last year, and yes, it was all done by mail. She remembered that, once her poor knees stopped knocking. I'll tell her she has your sympathy!