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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Fangirl squealing below, under a cut for those of you who are too mature for this stuff:

Age has reduced my tendency to go all melty-drooling-fangirly over any guy. I think the last one was Hiko, in fact. I thought those days were over, but oh, was I wrong. My current droolworthy? Richard Armitage. He was incredibly charismatic and sexy as a dwarf in The Hobbit, but I've recently watched him in the BBC America series, Robin Hood, playing a villain (Guy of Gisborne). Oh. My. God. Just... bone-meltingly gorgeous, ooze-out-of-my-chair sexy.

Stopping now. I could blather on merrily for 20 minutes, at least, before my excitement level came down enough for me to be coherent, but those of you who don't know him won't care, and those of you who do, you probably know just what I mean. (I have actually never talked to a woman who didn't think Thorin Oakenshield was at least a little sexy, and he's a dwarf!)


I do love Richard Armitage. :) I have not seen BBC America's Robin Hood, but I'll have to see if I can check it out. I love everything concerned with the legend of Robin Hood, and it would be so good to see a satisfying production of it! Especially with drool-worthy men. ;)

PS: I have heard that Richard Armitage has a significant role in Season 3 of Hannibal. Just sayin' ... ;)
Yes, I hated to see any of them die, but especially Thorin and Kili. *sniffsnivel*

I have complaints against the MANY liberties taken by PJ and Co. with Tolkien's text, even if I admit that, for the most part, those liberties added to the movie experience. Many of his changes were self-indulgent; he does love a good battle. However, in the way he handled the dwarves, even the non-sexy ones, he has my approval and deepest appreciation. He really did improve vastly on Tolkien (ooh, did I say that??) by making the dwarves into individuals.

I will also admit that I never dreamed, even reading the art books, that any of the dwarves could be sexy. And at least two of them are! That's one for PJ.