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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

For the first time since I retired, I actually did some writing. I didn't do much, and it was really editing, but it was writing. I'm afraid to celebrate, as if this accomplishment is so fragile that it will break apart with closer examination.

I've been working on story structure (as laid out by the wonderful Larry Brooks) and setting up a Scrivener template based on Larry Brooks' book Story Engineering. When I finished that template, I did something completely different - I spent 3 days coordinating all my back up files. They were on 3 flash drives and 3 external hard drives - lots of overlap, which had to be examined folder by folder, sometimes file by file. I didn't think I'd ever get it done! But it is done, and the next step is to put it on one of my new 1Tb external hard drives, then do a full system back up to that drive, and then take the whole thing to the bank and put it in my safe deposit box.

I stray from the point. Anyway... after all that, I went back to Story Engineering to pick up a few extra notes, and while I did that, I impulsively opened one of my unfinished Regency stories. I immediately saw a problem with it, thanks to all this structure work, so I fixed it a little. Then I gave the fixed pages to Randi, who gave me an excellent critique. She wants me to flesh out a lot of it, for one thing, and I know my writing is really too spare, so I'm going to try. That story was about a character called Sebastian, and I have a completed story about his sister Harriet ("Harry"). So I dug out Harry's story and started setting it up in the Scrivener template, and immediately realized I would have to put two new scenes at the beginning and rearrange some of the other scenes. The best thing is that, when I realized I needed some introductory scenes, they came to me in images and dialog, smoothly and easily. Woohooo!

Wish me luck! I plan to finish the structuring of Harry's story tomorrow, then write any scenes that need to be added, then go through the whole thing a few times to edit.

I'm really excited about this. Even the puppies couldn't spoil my mood, despite the fact that they scattered an entire box of diatomaceous earth on the porch. A big box. The whole porch is a dust bowl, even after sweeping, and there are white footprints all over the house. At least we won't have any fleas or ticks on the porch for a while!


I am thrilled that you're writing again! Your process sounds so interesting. :)

Those puppies, LOL! I hate to use this analogy once again, but I think many mothers of toddlers could sympathize. Any time that Mama is doing something vitally interesting to HER is when the kids decide to get into trouble, usually of the destructive kind. ;)

At any rate, I hope you had a wonderful, productive, writing day!

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