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whatever happens

April 2017

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hard journey

Today was the worst kind of day. I lost another beloved animal. Not Niki - she's doing fine. We had to put Kita down.

Kita had been eating less and less, but showed no other alarming symptoms, so we tried the usual changes to her diet to tempt her to eat. Finally, she stopped eating altogether, just licking the canned food. We thought it might be a tooth problem or a parasite, but it wasn't. It was kidney failure. The vet said she had a kidney infection which might - stress on the "might" - be the cause of the failure, but the process of curing that infection, on a very slim chance, sounded like medieval torture. We opted not to put her through all that.

She was almost 12 years old, a good age for a German shepherd. She had aged a lot since Elphie's death, which has been 6 months ago, almost to the day. The puppies helped her depression some, but then turned out to be a problem. Kita's quality of life was as good as we could make it, but she was still alone a lot. I think she was ready to go find Elphie.

But God, we miss her. She was the sweetest, most people-oriented dog we have ever owned. She was our beautiful, soulful-eyed, loving girl. But we couldn't make up for her losing her sister, no matter what we did.

She was not in pain. The disease hadn't gotten to that point yet. She had a normal life right up until her last few hours.

I can't type any more. Too many tears.


So sorry to hear this. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that you gave her many years of being loved and having a comfortable life. I know she's playing with Elphie in the fields near the Rainbow Bridge, and they'll both be waiting for you there.

And damn it, now I'm crying. Too many of my friends have lost beloved pets lately.

Wish I could magically fly out there and give you a hug. We could play with the puppies and pet the cats, and visit the horses, and have a good old cry together.

For some reason, this posted twice, so that's why you have a deleted comment. Stupid Livejournal. :\

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