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whatever happens

April 2017

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Obi-Wan-The Force

I summoned up my courage today and upgraded to Windows 10. It took me most of the day, because I spent a lot of time backing stuff up, just in case (!). The installation was easy, and although it looked as if I'd lost some programs (I refuse to call them "apps"), a reboot brought them all back. At least as far as I've been able to see up to now. That includes my address book, which is so old that it's for Windows 3.1.

Of course I had to work to wrestle the program into submission. As most of you probably know, I customize, customize, customize. I'm not so set in my ways that I won't try anything new, but I do like my programs to work quickly, easily, and efficiently for the way that I use them. An example: I did NOT want to be connected to anything or anybody, not in WiFi or any other way, so I had to go into Settings and turn off a whole bunch of stuff. Also, since the new browser, Edge, will not allow me to set my own home page (start page, yes, but the home page is always, obnoxiously, set to MSN), I am still using Chrome and Internet Explorer. (All my bookmarks/favorites are still there, btw.)

I join in the chorus of hallelujahs for the return of the Start Menu. With Win 8.1, I used a freebie program called Start8 to get away from those horrible tiles and back to an interface like Windows 7 instead. Maybe it's because I don't have a smart phone, but those tiles and apps and thingies just messed with my head. I could never figure out how to turn them off or even use them - the apps never looked like the programs to me. Anyway, Win 10 has a desktop and a start menu, and although the start menu does have tiles, they are easily discarded. In fact, I discarded every one of them, and then actually started adding my own.

I had a few other tweaks. The search bar on the taskbar, which searches both the web and the PC, kept throwing news articles at me. Annoying as hell, but I figured out how to turn it off. I had to Google search to figure out how to switch users, as I have a "user" called Writerkat that only has writing programs (heh, no games or other distractions), but it's easy, once I learned how. I was impressed with the fact that my alternate user account is - again, as far as I know right now - exactly as it should be. Seriously, the whole upgrade was done with unbelievable ease. I hate to admit it, as I hate to say anything good about Microsoft, but I was impressed.