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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Well. Another first for me. After the close call with the copperhead, I figured I'd used up my bad luck with the Wild Things. But, nope. Last night, about 1 AM, the dogs started going crazy, not only barking like maniacs but also charging the gate. I was up, so I went out to investigate. I saw a cat and chased it away, then walked back up the driveway, shaking my head - the dogs didn't sound as if they were barking at a cat.

A few days ago I had cut some long branches from the rose bushes along the fenceline (to protect the car). I didn't get around to hauling them to the burn pile, and as I walked past them, I heard a rustling. Now, I recently watched a Stephen King movie, and I'd been talking about Stephen King with my sister, and my latest marathon has been Lake Placid movies, so, yeah, I was a bit spooked at that. However, being the plucky woman that I am, I investigated closer.

An armadillo waddled out. This may not sound like a big deal in Texas, and yes, I've seen dozens of armadillos, but they've all been dead on the road. I've only seen two alive, and the first one was on the side of the road, escaping. This one was right in front of me. It was about the size of a cat. I grabbed a branch and beat at it, not hitting it, but just trying to encourage it to keep waddling toward the road. That little devil went about ten steps, then abruptly reversed (with surprising speed) and came right at my feet. I let out a girlie squeal, I admit. I had sandals on and it was about to walk on my bare toes!

I jumped back, and, mission accomplished and human removed from its path, it waddled under the horse trailer and was gone. The dogs stopped barking. I got my toes uncurled and went to bed.