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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

More than 2 years after my retirement, I'm just now beginning to pick up what I might call, in the future, my normal life. I'm busily prepping for Nano, of course. I've been more faithful about reading my email and Facebook. And I've been doing stuff with my websites, finally:

* I re-did dragonfare.com completely. I eliminated some pages and did a whole new layout. (Including doing my own - minor - graphics.)
* I'm beginning to re-do kathytrueman.com and catherinedove.com, but that won't be done for a while.
* I'm slowly correcting a lot of dead or misdirected links.
* I revamped my main hosting account. By closing out some domains I'm no longer using, consolidating those that were left (hikarikat, kathytrueman, and catherinedove), and analyzing traffic, I changed the hosting to a "medium" package, which will allow me plenty of expansion. The result will save me $40 a month. This took more time than it sounds like it should, because I had to go back and forth with the support and billing folks.
* I set up emails for my domains; i.e., I have email addresses kat@hikarikat.com, kathy@kathytrueman.com, and catherine@catherinedove.com. I just did that to see if I could.
* I organized my FTP program and my folders on my hard drive.

The bulk of my last two days has been spent doing all that, mostly the revamp of dragonfare. I've already started the revamp of kathytrueman.com. I don't plan to do much with catherinedove.com, except check and correct the links, but I discovered that Quizilla has gone belly up, so I have to recreate my two Jane Austen-themed personality quizzes on another site. I've been looking at Qzzr for that, but if anyone knows a better one, I'm open to suggestions.

Whew. I'm all worn out!


Dragonfare.com looks terrific! I actually read through it all (yes, I did!) and I'm glad you've brought it up to date.

I'm going to be sending you an email soon, so just a heads-up in case you don't check that address often. :)

I check that email every night.