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whatever happens

April 2017

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Nano 2015

Ah, November. My birth month, and the Month of Writing Dangerously. Nanowrimo is here!

The past two Nano years have been totally blown by the unusual circumstances in my life - my mom died, my roomie was disabled, my commute was 4+ hours, and I had the Boss from Hell. This year I plan to make it and think I probably will. YES, I WILL. Rah rah Kat.

Ahem. Done talking to myself now. Putting down the pompoms.

Seriously, this story, which I've been trying to write for three years, may just get finished this time. With the help of my roomie, I have taken a set of disconnected scenes and shoved them into a framework. The end result is a working outline. Not a rigid, complete one - that makes my story limp. But a good idea of where it's going and what's going to happen, yeah, I have that. And I love it. I love the story, the arcs, the baddies, the good guy, the subplot and its antagonist, the children (there are two), the subtext, the ending, everything. I'm so excited.

That euphoria will wear off by the end of this week, if my experience means anything. That's typical for Nano. But now I have a rope to cling to, and I can keep on keeping on. I really want to share this story and these characters with the rest of the world.

So if you aren't interested in my writing, you'll probably want to avoid this LJ for a month, as I will probably babble about nothing else.

Off I go to write! YAY!!!


I look forward to your November writing adventures. :)