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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My latest TV obsession is the series Gotham. I've only watched 5 episodes, since getting it from Netflix through the mail is a slow process, but I'm enjoying it despite all the darkness. It is a bit frustrating to me that I dislike shows that are bloody and/or dark, and I never liked DC heroes much, but the productions of the Batman series have been too much for me to resist. I watched American Psycho for Christian Bale, so Batman isn't a leap, and Gotham is very good.

I didn't start watching Gotham because I wanted a dark and violent TV series, but because I was fascinated by Ben McKenzie's eyes in the trailers, and because Sean Pertwee has been a favorite of mine since 1994. Those two, and the excellent quality of production and scripts, have kept me watching, but I must say that the biggest draw for me turned out, unexpectedly, to the The Penguin. Robin Lord Taylor is freakin' amazing in the role. He moves with smooth skill from groveling flunky to twitchy snitch to enthusiastic buddy to efficient killer, just to name a few of the many faces he puts on. I can't take my eyes off him when he's on the screen, not because he has charisma but because he is just so. damn. good. I'm being tempted to buy the series just to watch him again and again.