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whatever happens

April 2017

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Nano 2015

I took an involuntary day off from writing today. Windows 10 sabotaged me.

Windows 10 updated itself when I got on, and afterward, for some reason, Word and Scrivener - the two programs I use to write with - would not open. Since all my other programs were OK, my best guess is that Windows did a restart when I had those two programs open, when I wasn't at the computer. I looked on the Net for a solution, but all of the suggestions involved tech fixes that were over my head. After blowing over an hour trying to fix it, I gave up and turned to my back up program. I have Acronis, and it's set to do a full PC back up every week. The last back up was Nov. 6th, so I did a restore to move my PC back to that date. It worked! But it took a couple of hours, so, no writing got done. Now I'm over 2300 words in the hole. Eep.


It wasn't that bad! Thank God. It only blocked the programs. I keep the files on Dropbox, so they were OK.

I'm not sure how to revert to Win8, and restoring the whole PC from the back up took longer but was a lot easier than trying to find the disks to reinstall the programs. The back up was only 6 days old, and I hadn't done much of anything in those 6 days.

However, I did once have a 30-page chapter of a story get eaten by a computer crash. The funny thing was, when I rewrote it, it *was* better! But it took me until the next day to cool down enough to try a rewrite. LOL