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whatever happens

April 2017

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Nano 2015

Would you believe Windows 10 did it to me AGAIN? Once more I blew a writing day trying to fix the problem of not being able to open the two programs that I use to write. Also, my printer has been acting up as well. *sigh*

I did try reloading one of the programs, but that didn't work. I think I've narrowed it down - after hours of waiting and struggling - to a glitch that happens when I close out of my "Writer" user account. I think it's now working if I power down from that user account rather than my main one. We'll see. But I got no writing done.

The Patriots are playing tomorrow, so I'll have a few hours to try to catch up some of the deficit.

Yeah, I'd like some cheese with that whine.


That must be incredibly frustrating! I have not updated to Windows 10. About 10 years ago, I had Windows ME on a computer. Everybody hated it, but I had no trouble. And then, after 6 years, my computer crashed one day, and the tech who fixed it convinced me to put XP on it. The computer couldn't handle it, and for some reason, there was no way to increase the RAM, and since the computer had come with ME installed, I had no way to recover it (the tech didn't have the program). So I had to get a new computer, with XP, and I vowed that I'd never update an OS again.

Do you not like the Patriots? And if so, is it because of Deflate-gate? I don't care, but they're my local team, so I know a little bit about them.I also know a baseball fan from Texas who absolutely hates the Red Sox, so I didn't know if it was a Texas/New England thing or what. ;) I don't follow sports, as you know, so I have no idea what would make someone despise a particular team, although the whole Deflate-gate thing was enough to do it, I guess. I seem to have a faint recollection of you not liking the Patriots before that, though, so inquiring minds want to know. ;)

And happy writing! I hope today goes better than yesterday. ♥
Ahhh, I get to talk football! Deflate-gate is not the first time the Pats have been caught cheating. It's the third time (that I know of). Plus I've read of other teams who are wary of the Pats and their cheatin' ways. But even before all that, I developed a personal dislike of Tom Brady, which was sharpened by all the hype that's surrounded him.

There's no Texas/NE thing that I know of. The Cowboys have plenty of rivals, but that's not a biggie. BTW, I also dislike the Cowboys, remember? My teams of choice are the Redskins (sentimental favorite) and the Packers.

My PC is working now - I think I've got it, to paraphrase Prof. Higgins - and I am just about to sit down to write. I'm surprised you disliked XP - I loved it. If I could, I'd revert back to Win8, that's for sure. Not my favorite, but in hindsight, it's looking better all the time. Until and unless MS changes its policy of forcing upgrades, Win10 is always going to suck. (PS: Never go back to that tech. He should have known about the system requirements for XP and checked your system - that's basic stuff. So is checking the RAM capacity, since many PCs don't have the slots for a RAM increase. He also shouldn't have upgraded your system without being able to put it back if it failed, another basic.)
The only thing I know about Tom Brady is that 20 years ago, the Episcopal priest I worked for was a big fan of his. I wonder from time to time if his opinion has changed. ;)

I loved XP once I had a computer which would actually run it properly. I hated to give it up. I'm running Windows 7 on this one and I like it. The laptop has 8.1 and it's okay, no problems. Wes uses it more than I do, but I have to bail him out from time to time when something stumps him. ;)

That tech was up in Dover-Foxcroft, so I won't be using him again. I only used him then because he was the only one in town. I should have taken the thing to Bangor to the Best Buy or Circuit City, or whatever it was then, but I went the cheap route, and it ended up costing me, as it usually does. He was a little old guy with a small shop and the whole computer smelled like cigarette smoke when I got it back - yuck. The only thing good about him was that he refurbished computers and gave them to local people who were too poor to afford them. I gave him mine after he ruined it, and he gave me $25 for it. What a year that was!

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