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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I took a little vacation from writing, but not entirely voluntarily. Dec 1st, I just flopped down and relaxed. The next day, guess what? Word and Scrivener didn't work. AGAIN. I spent hours trying to fix it. I ran a virus scan and malware scan, and I cleaned the drive. (I'd love to say I used Clorox to do that, but no.) I tried uninstalling Office, and it jammed at the midpoint. But it was no longer there, so I tried installing it. Jammed at the midpoint again. After waiting half an hour, I gave up. Then I tried to restore from my back up program, but all my back ups were gone. Yup, just... gone.

So... I lost my temper.

I know an excellent computer repair person about 20 minutes from here. I called Cliff, and the next day, Thursday, I took it to him. However, between the time I called him and the time I took it to him, I'd made up my mind to deep-six that sucker. Having a new format for a hard drive is a real nuisance, especially if, like me, you use a lot of specialized programs. But I didn't care. I was freakin' friggin' TIRED of fighting with Windows 10. When I got to Cliff's, we discussed the options, and the long and short of it is that I now have a new hard drive, an SSD (solid state hard drive), which looks like an oversized credit card and ***has no moving parts!*** It's configured with Windows 7 (legal copy, which I didn't know was possible until I talked to Cliff). The old hard drive is now the "D:" drive, so I can get to the stuff that's on it if I want. Plus, it's set up to do automatic backups to that drive once a week. Cliff also installed and tested Office for me, and set up my malware and virus protections. Not only that, but I got it back the next day! And the whole thing - hard drive, Win 7 license, and labor - was less than $300. Cliff rocks.

Of course, here it is, late Saturday night, and I just now finished loading all my programs onto the new drive. But it's working like a dream. I forgot how much I missed the Win 7 Aero theme. I'm now a happy, happy camper. Since the Patriots have done me the "favor" of playing at 3:00 tomorrow, I'll get to spend 3 hours writing! Woohoo!