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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Well, today was one of my more interesting days. I got the rare pleasure of removing a dead skunk from the front yard.

Our washing machine broke yesterday, and the new one was delivered this morning. While I was talking to the installation guys, I noticed some black and white furry thing in a hole in the yard. (The puppies have put a LOT of holes in the yard. Our yard looks like a battlefield.) I wondered what in the world they could have pulled from the porch that looked like fur, as neither I nor my roomie is into fur. Then I thought, "Oh no. No. Please, not that." Once the installers were gone, I went to look. Yup, that. Dead skunk. It had been dead for a while, judging by the maggots. My choices were all bad: (1) leave it to rot there, with the puppies probably gnawing at it; (2) carry it down to the orchard (we often take dead animals there, as local scavengers quickly reduce the bodies to nothing); or (3) bag it and put it in the trash bin. Number 2 was not a good option, given the mud. Number 1 was very tempting, but I elected Number 3. Naturally, the poor stiff little thing did not want to go in the trash bag I brought out, but I finally managed it, after seeing all the dead skunk I ever want to see.

The odd thing was that we never smelled it. Either it was sick and crawled out from under the house to die in the yard, or the dogs killed it so quickly it never got to spray. It stunk, all right, but of decay, not spray.

Never a dull moment around here. It's this kind of thing that makes me wish I was married.

Aren't you glad I shared this with you?


Eeeew! *gags*

When Cleo was alive, she was forever bringing us dead birds, and headless mice, chipmunks, and squirrels. She also left them under the porch, and under the deck, so we didn't notice them until they started to smell. I usually noticed (smelled) the "abandoned" ones on hot days right before I left for work, and had to dispose of them myself, gagging all the way, since I would have felt guilty if I'd left them all day for Wes (who probably wouldn't have noticed them until the smell got unbearable). So being married didn't help me much in that case. ^_~

Your story is worse though. Maggots! *shudder*

We did catch a live skunk in one of those Have-A-Heart traps once or twice. Evidently, when they get caught, they can't lift their tails in the trap, so they can't spray. I did make Wes take them and release them, because I was afraid that they'd spray as soon as they were out of the cage, but evidently, they didn't. They probably wanted to get away ASAP!