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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think that only one of my friends is active on LJ anymore. I thought maybe I'd been unfriended or something, but a spot check of several of them showed that they haven't been posting (either that, or I can't see recent posts). This makes me feel very lonely. However, one bestest friend is still with me!


And I'm assuming that friend would be me. :D

I don't think that LJ is a place that is very active nowadays, which I find sad. I feel that it is my safest online place, and I'm not going anywhere until my very last friend has left. I have a couple of friends who have gone to Dreamwidth, but they cross post here for the people like me, who are holdouts. The rest of my friends here are holdouts, just like me, I guess. The communities here are all but dead, at least the ones that I participated in.

I'm also quite active on Facebook, but I resisted it for quite a while, and proceeded with caution. ;)

You betcha, that friend is you. And I am really happy about that.

I've become active, sorta, on Facebook, but I don't really like it. It's fun, but it's pretty much a waste of time. I get a lot more from reading posts in LJ. FB is set up for the trivial.

Thank you for being a holdout!
FB is set up for the trivial.

Yes, it is, but I've found several communities where some good and thoughtful discussion is going on (mostly Pagan-based ones); and some fandom ones (for example, one author holds a discussion of the latest episode of Downton Abbey each Monday morning, and I also belong to a community that discusses all things about the PBS series Doc Martin); and even one for women who are transitioning from colored hair to gray (and that may sound trivial, but the type of conversation that it generates is not); and one or two for people with chronic pain. From these communities, I've made several new friends. However, just like back in the day on LJ, some of the communities are welcoming and intelligent, and some of them definitely are not, so you have to pick and choose, but what I have found is that it is really easy to leave a community that you don't like - much easier than it used to be on LJ, for some reason.

I will be emailing you soon. :) I am always glad to see you on LJ, and I have been pleased to see you participating more on FB. Sometimes those trivial memes and quizzies can be fun, yeah?

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I've been TERRIBLE about updating my personal journal on LJ. >_< But I do visit every couple of days, lurk and check in on the remaining active friends (yeah, I do think you might be the only one right now!) and keep up with a community or two. I'm also a wordsmith on 1word1day, the word-of-the-day community. :-)
Trel! I'm so glad you're here, even if it's just as a lurker. I think I should probably look for a community, maybe?
:-) A lot of the communities have gotten pretty slow, but thequestionclub and 1word1day are both consistently active. thequestionclub is pretty fun too.
As I said on your other comment, I am SO glad to hear from you. I haven't seen any new posts on your LJ for a long time, so I was afraid you'd wandered away.

Don't bother to get into Facebook. It's a huge waste of time. I know that from personal and ongoing experience. LOL