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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

So... I bought a shotgun. For the snakes. (Scary snake story is under the cut, for those of you who haven't heard it.)

Under my bedroom window, close to the house, is a water spigot. We use it with two hoses, to water the dogs and horses. We have a bucket that we upturn and place over it - in the winter, it helps keep the spigot from freezing, and in the summer I use it so I can be reminded to turn off the water, because the spigot leaks a bit. A few months ago, I removed the bucket and noticed that the spigot didn't look right. Um. There was something coiled around it. Something scaly, creamy white, with copper-colored patches. And a triangular head. A copperhead snake, about 4 feet long. It continued to uncoil, moving away from me, while I stood there like I'd been turned to stone, a bucket in my hand and a horrified look on my face, which had been no more than a foot from the snake.

Note that I'm not afraid of snakes, per se. I am, however, wary of poisonous ones, especially anywhere near my dogs. We have had several snakes around the house, at least two of them poisonous, so after the copperhead, I decided it was time to get that Texas country accessory, a shotgun. I took a while to make the decision, then took a while finding one I wanted (I bought it from a friend). It's a pump action, and I keep it in the house in case of a break in (as unlikely as that would be, with two German shepherds on the porch, one 79 lbs and the other 93 lbs, and both of them barky and toothy).

I've been told that the pump sound is so well known that I wouldn't even need to load it, just make the sound to scare off any burglar. My friend told me, "Make that sound anywhere - make it in Albania! - and everyone will know what it means."

The weird thing is that, although I've only handled a rifle once in my life, this one seems to fit me. I'm very comfortable with it, and I automatically held it properly (probably the result of watching so many action shows) and put it to my shoulder properly. I haven't yet fired it, however. My friend is going to show me how, as the only other time I've fired a rifle was long, long ago. He is also going to get me the right kind of shells for snake killing. I'm hoping I never have to use the thing, but I feel better for having it.


Yipes! I'm glad your friend is going to give you a few lessons. If you have to shoot at a snake, you don't want to miss.

Poisonous snakes and scorpions - I wouldn't make it in Texas, nope. ;)
I am worried about shooting my foot off along with the snake's head, I admit. I'm not pulling the trigger on that thing without supervision until I know exactly what the spread is.

Yeah, we have some nasty critters around here. I've had a scorpion bite, but not a snake bite. Not yet. I'm trying to avoid that one.