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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

When my coworkers and bosses asked me what I would do when I retired, thinking I'd be bored, I had an easy answer. "I'm going to sleep. And write."

The first year or so, I got plenty of sleep, but I didn't write. But last November, I tackled the fantasy novel that I'd been trying to write for the last two Nanos, Path of the Dragonfly. I loved the characters too much to give it up, despite two dismal starts. This time, I really got on a roll. By the time I finished the 50K, I could see the story changing from the limp little adventure I'd planned into something really special and exciting. I kept going, and by the end of May, it was complete. Finished! All 155K words of it. Yay! (I'll be doing the rewrite as my Camp Nanowrimo project in July.) But I couldn't bear to leave my characters, so I kept writing about them, doing stories of their lives after the story ended. I have so far written over 62K more words about them, and I am still eager to keep going. I have some "prequel" ideas, even.

So I seem to finally be doing what I imagined I would. I used to not be able to write unless I had at least two hours free, and I couldn't write after grocery shopping or after dinner. That's changed. Now, most of my days go like this: Breakfast. Write. Lunch. Do a chore or two. Write. Dinner. Watch a movie or play Wizard 101 if my friends/sister want my attention. Otherwise write. After the movie/W101, if applicable, write more. Go to bed. Rinse, repeat. I can write even in a 20 minute space while waiting for something else. I can write until 2 in the morning. I can write as soon as I put the groceries away and grab a bite to eat. Woohoo!

I sure hope this lasts!