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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I've been surprised at myself for the number of times per day that I check Facebook. I always used to look down on people who had to check FB, Twitter, etc., all day long. I still look down on people who constantly do it. You know the ones, you pass them on the street and they're staring like zombies at their phone instead of watching where they're going. Or you're talking to them, and they get a ping for a text message and interrupt you so they can read their text. And so on.

But now I understand the compulsion a little better. I'm in a rural area, and my only good friend closer than an hour's drive away is my roomie. I never felt isolated before because my life was so full of stuff I had to do, like commute, work, sleep, eat, feed the critters, and other chores. The little free time I could wrangle from my days was spent alone, but not in loneliness, but in blissful peace.

Now I have enough free time to feel lonely, and the Internet has become important to me. Even Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a snob. I'm not doing Twitter - that's just way too busy. And most of the stuff on FB is crap. But the rest of it is like a window to the outside world. So I check FB several times a day. But not constantly!


I like that you are taking an active interest in FB because I get to talk to you/see more of what's going on with you that way! :)

I like FB way more than I thought I would. It helps me keep up with friends, and there are really some fantastic communities. The communities here (at least the ones I frequented) are all but dead.
I read that, and then looked for the "Like" button. ACK!

And ditto on keeping track of you. I can't wait until you get settled in a new house. I hope to hear more from you.