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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

So, as my Facebook friends know, I finally broke down and got a smartphone. The reason? Well, for one, I was feeling pretty left out when everyone assumed I had one. But more important, the discount on our insurance, based on data sent from our car, has changed format. Now, instead of the data being sent from a dongle plugged into the car's computer, it has to be done from an app.

Since I'm still trying to save for my vacation, I had to find the best deal I could. My current phone is with Virgin Mobile, and switching to a smartphone plan will only cost me $5 more per month. I got the phone, an LG Tribute 2, from eBay for $39. It's not an iPhone or Galaxy, for sure, but since I will rarely use it for anything except text messages and phone calls, which is to say that I don't intend to download games or stream movies, it should serve. LG had a larger, lighter phone that I liked, but that was $100, so I opted for a slightly smaller screen and a little more weight. Another reason I went with LG is that my roomie used to work at the cell phone kiosk in Walmart, and she says that, in this rural area, Galaxys don't get good reception and iPhones get even less.

I am assuming that I can learn the technology quickly. I usually can. First, as I usually do, I'll read the manual from cover to cover. Yeah, I'm weird. I'll keep you posted on how that works out.


You and I seem to travel on similar paths. I also have just bought a smartphone, after not having one because I didn't "need" it. Walmart had a real good deal on the iPhone 5S, and I got Straight Talk. The first day, I totally screwed everything up, and had to reset it to factory settings. :\ I am pretty computer-intuitive, so that kind of shook my confidence, and I was beginning to think I didn't want one, let alone "need" it. The online user guide is almost 200 pages long, and I didn't have what it would take to sit there and read it. (There is no printed manual that comes with it - silly me thinking that there would be). So I called for help from K & R, and yesterday, before they got here, I got it set up as far as I could (which was quite a lot. I guess I learned something by my prior failure). Then they helped me with the rest, gave me some APPS that they thought I'd like, and showed me some tips. So I'm still learning, but no longer totally intimidated. ;)

If I know you, it will probably be a breeze. But if you get in trouble, ask for help if you have someone who has an Android phone. And don't give up - they're pretty darn cool, and lots of fun, although I'm still not sure that I "need" it and/or the price I'm paying per month will justify itself (only $45 a month, but still ...)

*natter natter natter*
Thank you! Now if I totally screw it up and sit on the floor scratching my head like a chimp with fleas, I won't feel alone. I hope the LG/Android manual is shorter, since I normally read manuals cover to cover. Seriously, I feel more confident now.